Megaupload Closed Down By US Government

They are going after copyrighted movies, music and TV shows, but when they close down a
place like Megaupload for things like that it will have a impack on all that use Megaupload
for things that are none related read on; ... indictment

Makes me wonder now how many links by modders on this site that are not
working anymore... :roll:
If it comes to it I will get space on a FTP just for modders of this site to upload
Their works to for download links for this site only.


Now the Hacktivist group, Anonymous, has come forth in retaliation to the crackdown and launched an attack on several websites including The Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, and the Recording Industry Association of America. The wave of attacks is just the beginning said Barrett Brown, have a look; ... creen&NR=1

Get out the popcon this is going to get BIG real BIG


As a company i. e. you can upload all your data on their server or similar servers...
At a 99.99% safety and availability you got a good deal for the sake of your data for less money.
But - a lot of data is lost now, legal data. Who's paying for this damage now?

Yes, of course you can do illegal things with a file server - but you can do this even with your butter-knife!

And what/who is next?

And what about a free and independent Internet?

This isn't the start or beginning of "Big Brother watching you" or an Internet-war, it's already at least a skirmish.

I'm asking myself for quite a while now, what is the Internet in a few years?

SOPA? It's already ....

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Only expressing a few of my humble opinions and thoughts...
Jambo Cry

If the United States can seize a Dutch citizen in New Zealand over a copyright claim, what is next?

And a other one... ... g-service/
But this time the site did it them self's, as of today on this file sharing service site
You can upload your file to it but only you can download it till they put in place
Another way of looking for illegal intelectual property or copyright uploads.


I find it funny that the authorities think they can stop piracy.


Guess what? It seems that they can not even trust one another!

We knew that, but they learn the hard way. :lol:

Take a look: ... -news.html


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