Ki - 27 Nate 1/48 Hasegawa

Hello to all, have been stopped sometime without making models by personal problems, but again I'm working on these small treasures.

Here I show the final result of the work, if you want to see the development of the construction, ask for photos that will put them with pleasure...

[Image: P-47Cabina2.jpg]

[Image: P-47Cabina1.jpg]

[Image: Ki-27NateProyectoFinalizado5.jpg]

[Image: Ki-27NateProyectoFinalizado4.jpg]

[Image: Ki-27NateProyectoFinalizado3.jpg]

Nice model great work. Big Grin


TOP level! 8)

Very well done !

May I ask you to upload more pics of your models ?

109 looks nice ;o)

Thank you ;o)

Ted :mrgreen:

Thank you all for your comments.

I am working on the restoration of an old 109 G6, since this ready for painting and a P-47N will soon also be ready for the process of painting...

PS:LiBigTed, can I upload photos from my 109.que want to specifically? the finished models, a work in progress?

Hi Allia29,

thanks for your reply ;o)

Yes if you have some time to upload more photos of your WIP and your finished models, it would be very nice.

They are really well done !

Can't wait to see more ;o)

Ted :mrgreen:

She is looking nice there 8)


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