UberDemon's Quick (Aircraft) Mod Installer (UQMI) for UP3RC4

UberDemon's Quick (Aircraft) Mod Installer (UQMI) for UP3RC4
by UberDemon, 19 February 2012

Let's face it, installing new plane MODs in IL-2 1946 can be a pain, especially having to modify the "ini" and "properties" files. This little set of batch files provides a crude way to help us through our struggle. UQMI complements JSGME.

UQMI only works with UltraPack (UP) 3 RC 4:

It is also compatible with Self-Static planes from SAS~Epervier, if available.
http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/t ... 399.0.html

For aircraft that need DiffFM, you will need that installed as well. You can find a working version for UP3RC4 here:

Always install the latest "buttons" file from SAS from here:

It could theoretically work with Dark Blue World or HistoMod, or ModAct, but keeping multiple versions is a challenge, and in the case of DBW, the way the Air.ini is setup with dividers, it just does not work well for automatic updates. If somebody wants to modify this to work with those modpacks, have at it.

UQMI is not sophisticated, but I figure a quick solution is welcome. I have been using it personally for about 2 months and it works suprisingly well. Installing and uninstalling planes is much easier now.

This is meant for people who are adept at manipulating files in their computer. Be warned that editing files in your simulator may cause it to crash and never start again. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you may want to have multiple installations so that you can experiment with MODs, or you may simply not wish to use it. I am not responsible for any happiness or grief resulting from the use of this utility. Use as is. This utility contains NO malicious logic such as viruses, malware and such, and will NOT collect any personal information from your computer or your network, but using batch files can be unforgiving.

Assuming that most of the people who install their MODs do so through the JSGME interface, then you can install a new mod by creating a package that mimics the folder structure of your mod pack. Here I will only cover UltraPack (UP 3 RC 4), the most popular mega-set for MODs for '1946; it has arguably the best GUI, and it is a nice balance between HistoMod which is made for Online play, and Dark Blue World (DBW) which is for Offline only.

That is fine and dandy, but you still have to edit files like "air.ini", "plane.properties", "plane_ru.properties", etc. And as you remove the mods you have to keep track of what version of your files you are in, potentially causing CTDs (Crash to Desktop) when loading '46.

I created a set of BATCH files, yes, good old DOS-like legacy ".bat" files, to take care of this problem in a semi crude way, but it still works. Let's say a MODder creates a MOD package for JSGME, and includes the UQMI files, then all you would have to do after you installed the MOD through GME is to go to the "jsgmemods" folder in the IL-2 1946 folder, then go to the MOD's folder and subsequently to the "documentation" folder.

The "documentation" folder of the MODs in GME does not get installed or moved. Go there and run the proper batch file ("UP_installWithUQMI.bat") and VIOLA!!! I mean VOILA!!! Your config files are updated with the new airplane (or airplanes, because it can handle multiple aircraft packs).

And if you want to remove the mod, then remove it through GME as usual, then return to the "documentation" folder of the same MOD and run the "restore" utility ("UP_restoreLast.bat").

WARNING: For most cases, only uninstall from the most recent to the oldest, otherwise you may create an unstable environment requiring uninstalling and re-installing MODs. You could always uninstall a bunch of mods, say the last 5 mods with aircraft then just run "restore" from the last one you removed... that will work fine as well.

All UQMI packages install to one MOD directory, so they are all consolidated.

UQMI needs JSGME to work. Once you install the core files with JSGME, then you use UQMI to update "ini" and "properties" files.

When you run UQMI, it takes some information from a few text files, then it inserts them in the proper files so that the new airplane will be available in IL-2.

The most important update it does is to Air.ini. It basically inserts the new plane in alphabetical order based on what team is its default (1 = Red/Allies, 2 = Blue/Axis according to original IL-2 configuration), it then reorganizes Air.ini in the following manner:

1) Red Team aircraft from A-Z based on the code abbreviation for the plane (not the text display)
2) Blue Team aircraft from A-Z based on same criteria above
3) Red Team Aces from A-Z based on same criteria above
4) Blue Team Aces from A-Z based on same criteria above

If information is available for Text display, weapons and self-static is included, then it will update those as well.

UQMI will update both default English files and "_ru" files, that way you don't have to worry about it.

Finally, it creates a backup of the last version of the "ini" and "properties" files.

If you uninstall a UQMI mod, then the uninstallation process restore the last version of "ini" and "properties" prior to aircraft mod being installed.

I - A PC running IL-2 1946 Modded with:

* UltraPack UP3RC4

II - MOD Folder installed and ready to go for your mod package:

* #UP# for UP3RC4 (if you have not done any MODs to UP, look at the UP installation files and you will find "#UP#SampleFolder.rar" - make sure you extract its contents to the IL-2 1946 folder)

Download core UQMI installation from:
http://uberdemon.sushicereal.com/dzzmod ... es/UQMI.7z

UQMI works best if you start from UP3RC4 stock settings. You will see that there are plenty of UQMI packs I created that you can use already and you will be able to convert your favorite plances to UQMI sets very easily.

If you have other planes installed, please uninstall them, through JSGME, and return UP3RC4 to its stock configuration. You DO NOT need to worry about other MODs as long as they do not use the "air", "stationary", "technics", "plane" and "weapons".

Extract the contents of the installation file you downloaded to the root directory of IL-2 1946. It will not overwrite anything so click "Yes" to anything Windows ask.

Go to the "jsgmemods" folder in Windows explorer. Note there are three new folders there:
1) #0_UP_UQMI_PlaneHolderDONT_REMOVE
- Creates a location for all UQMI Mods

- Backs up UP3RC4 files (through GME)
- Copies Air.ini files which fix issues with original UP3RC4 stock planes
- Copies "stationary", "technics", "plane" and "weapons" files from stock UP3RC4
- "stationary" and "technics" have self-stationary plane parameters

3) #UP_UQMI_Plane_NewIL2I(UQMISample)
- Sample Mod to try UQMI. It lincludes a MOD I previously released with the IL-2I with bomb loads, as historically it was able to carry (50/100/250Kg bombs). If you install my SuperAddon later, make sure you remove this, as it already includes it.

Start JSGME. Install following JSGME mods (using ">" button) in order:
1) Install #0_UP_UQMI_PlaneHolderDONT_REMOVE

Close JSGME.

The basic infrastructure is now installed.


Start JSGME. Install the following JSGME mod (using ">" button):
* #UP_UQMI_Plane_NewIL2I(UQMISample)

Close JSGME.

In Windows explorer go to "jsgmemods" folder in the IL-2 1946 folder. Now go to folder "#UP_UQMI_Plane_NewIL2I(UQMISample)"; then go to "documentation" folder.

**** IMPORTANT ****** READ BELOW ********
IF IL-2 1946 is NOT installed in default "C:\Program Files (x86)" or "C:\Program Files" in Win Vistal or 7 then follow CASE 1. (The easier CASE)

IF IL-2 1946 is installed in default "C:\Program Files (x86)" or "C:\Program Files" in Win Vistal or 7 then follow CASE 2. (I highly recommend installing IL-2 1946 anywhere but in that directory, because it is impossible to edit files in those directories without Windows giving you every grief possible.)

*** CASE 1
* Double Click on the proper installation batch file to run UQMI (UP_installWithUQMI.bat for UltraPack UP3RC4)
* Start IL-2 1946 and go play.

*** CASE 2
* Copy the file "cmd.exe" from "C:\Windows\System32" folder into the current "documentation" folder for your MOD - this is the executable that opens a command prompt DOS window
* Right click on "cmd.exe" and "Run as Administrator" - you HAVE to do this!
* DOS window opens in the "documentation" directory
* Type the name of the proper installation batch file to run UQMI then press Enter ("UP_installWithUQMI" for UltraPack UP3RC4)
* Start IL-2 1946 and go play.

For evey UQMI MOD you install, you would do these steps.

Start JSGME. Uninstall/Remove the following JSGME mod (using "

Hello danzigzag,

thank you very much indeed for this! 8)
I made this a "Sticky" as well.

Jambo :wink:

Jambo Wrote:Hello danzigzag,

thank you very much indeed for this! 8)
I made this a "Sticky" as well.

Jambo :wink:

Thank you. Let me know what you think. In reality, it should work for MODACT and DBW, but I was just too lazy to create too many versions... with a simple replace in the batch files those versions could be created... Just a matter of which folder is the MOD folder.


So if i run UP_installWithUQMI.bat, will it update new aircraft auto for me or what?

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