Danskere .........

Er jeg den eneste dansker her ?

Nej Kære ven , Hansjup er her også ...

Så er jeg mere rolig Wink

Buller er her også :wink:

3 danskere, fedt jeg sætter jer strax på min venneliste 8)

Keep moving care team offers expert knowledge of the healthcare sector and constantly strives to enhance their expertise. We grow with your business and learn from your individual needs and requirements.

To ensure you have everything you need, we offer a wide range of value-added services including complete interior design and fit-outs, decontamination and deep cleaning services, as well as air purification and odour elimination solutions.

To ensure that all our partners receive the best possible support from us, our expert teams create bespoke solutions to benefit your business and improve your resident’s well-being.We are constantly evolving our vast offering to accommodate all our partner's needs and provide them with the necessary products and services to help their business grow.

With keepmovingcare.com you don’t just get a care home supplier, you get a helping hand to assist and support you, so you can provide the best possible care to your residents.Keep Moving Care workers look after and care for the most vulnerable people in our society. Long hours and often low salaries are commonplace in a sector which does so much good.

Redbud Environmental System helps companies centralize and streamline the tracking and collection of key corporate environmental health and safety data and satisfy Environmental Management Systems (EMS) requirements.

Our Controlled environment agriculture software is Designed to help you streamline, standardize, and improve compliance management to ensure a closed-loop compliance plan in a single, configurable, and unified platform. Our EHS solution supports a ‘management systems’ approach to improve management and operations for regulations, permits, international standards and company policies in one system.

Stablecoins are a form of cryptocurrency that are relatively new and are gaining popularity as they solve the problem of volatility. Stablecoins are typically cryptocurrencies that are backed by a traditional fiat currency such as the U.S. dollar.

The valuations of stablecoins, as the name indicates, are stable and therefore supposed to be less volatile than other digital currencies. Stablecoins are also be used for cross-border payments and are a “neutral” position for cryptocurrency traders so they don’t have to trade into a fiat currency when they exit a cryptocurrency position.

BankX is the fi¬rst cryptocurrency that pays interest for minting a stablecoin, called XSD. You earn interest for the entire time that it is in circulation. XSD is backed by Ethereum and the BankX Token. The system is fully decentralized and trustless. Interest is paid to you, in the form of BankX Tokens, when you pay back the stablecoin to redeem your collateral.

Have you ever wanted to make your own Minecraft skins? If you have a strong desire to make a bunch of cool skins, you might want to consider becoming a Minecraft skin maker. There are lots of different possibilities here for you to explore, from simple, common Minecraft skins to really elaborate skins. The possibilities are endless, and you're going to love how much fun this can be.

Download Minecraft Skins From : https://minecraftskindex.info/

Minecraft, the massively multiplayer online game is a series of 3D block-based games developed by Mojang AB. The first version was created as a side project of Markus Persson, and it was first released as an independent game on October 31, 2011 under the title "JABLOTRON". It was released as a Windows Phone application, and as a free open-source application under the GNU GPL license on March 8, 2012.

Minecraft skins are a great way to show off your creativity and skill. With a basic level of skill, you can have fun with your surroundings, for example by customizing your home, or creating a character from a pop culture source. In this article we’ll show you the best Minecraft skins, their pros and cons and how to get started with making yours.

Home interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a house or apartment to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and functional space. A well-designed interior can enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants by providing them with an environment that is comfortable, inspiring, and reflective of their personal style and tastes. One of the most important aspects of home interior design is the creation of a harmonious color palette.

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