New HistoMod in SFS, auto install is out!

Voici la nouvelle version d'HistoMod compilée en SFS grâce à l'aide de II/JG51-Lutz.

Merci de ton aide et de tes apports, les joueurs verront la différence et ne manqueront pas de te remercier à leur tour.

Comme d'habitude chez Histo, le lisez moi avec tous les liens inclus.

Utilisez le forum pour vos questions et vos suggestions, l'équipe est là pour vous aider et vous conseiller.

Pour ceux qui ont installé la version en pré-realease, changez le Histomod_sounds et le files.sfs et chargez les nouveaux WWII,PostWar et sf.

English version:
For the gamers who already have the pre-realease version, change Histomod_sounds, files.sfs, Change WWII and PostWar and add new sfs.

German version is in re-building by Tom, ich habe mein Deutsch vergessen!

GREAT to see Histomod in SFS files !!! Big Grin
Thank you lebig, JG51-Lutz and the Histomod team Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin


SENSATIONNEL !!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU LEBIG, AND ALL THE TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ted ;o)

Big Grin

Congradulations! You guys got a mod pack bigger and better than ever! ... nice.


Bonjour lebig,

Fantastique! Big Grin

I'm upgrating step by step. Will let you know! 8)

Jambo :wink:

P.S. Hi lebig,

just to let you know: seems not to be online!

I installed everything from scratch to prevent any problems - did step by step!
Nevertheless I've got a 5% CTD Sad (tried nearly every trick I knew)
Like I wrote in Histomod, maybe it might be very useful to get a MD5 checksum to the sfs files?

Finally, i got my F-86 started, guess that feeling when i saw rpm and pressures growing :mrgreen:
I tried to land, and i got same feelings when i a long long time ago made my first carrier landing attempt.
Back then i crashed Sad, and this time my landing went too long, i had too much speed and my engine was on fire. Then i remembered that in installation instructions there was something about ejecting but my plane exploded :mrgreen:

Try again Juntsi!!!
The FM are slightly more complicated (realistic) but what a pleasure and great satisfaction when the success is here!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks to try this mod and to appreciate it!

The Postwar thing is working great, but when i switch to WWII stuff, and go to mission, it loads to the 100% and stops there, not matter how long i wait, nothing happens

Try to use the total modder v1.3, it is a better tool than the jsgme.
All the gamers who had the same trouble (crash at 100%) and who had changed for Total modder , had... no more trouble. I think it is a question of memory partition and distribution.
Keep me up

THANKS :Smile) :Smile)

I can't wait to try the newest version :Smile)


For the moment the links are dead, we had built a self installer with new read me, but it will take 24Hours to upload (my connex is not so high!)

lebig Wrote:For the moment the links are dead, we had built a self installer with new read me, but it will take 24Hous to upload (my connex is not so high!)

Oh, sorry to hear Cry

Good luck with uploading the self installed soon, it sounds good 8)


Aahh, damn, im getting an error message when trying to launch IL-2 with the Total MODder

"An exception (C0000005) occured during DlllEntryPoint or DllMain in module: (IL-2 root folder) > DINPUT.dll"
could someone help me again?

Try to follow the install of totalmodder as describe in this new read me.
All is the first message of this topic.
keep me up!

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