Tiger's UV3 new sound mod

Hi guys,

Not sure this is the proper place to post, but I couldn't find any sound section so I'll post here, please any admin feel free to move my post to the appropriate section...

UV3 has just been released by Tiger ...

First you need to download the 2 SFS files:

Here are 3 different links:




Then you need to download the jsgme folders and read me :


Enjoy !!

In order not to waste time and centralize all problems, please post all you bugs reports there, since Tiger can't be everywhere at the same time ...

http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/t ... #msg280550

Hi FZ I moved it here for now.
Thank you FZ for posting it and thank you Tiger for your work. Big Grin


WOW, out already :Smile)

I'm going to test straight away :Smile)

Thanks :Smile)


Hi FZ,

I just installed it in a DBW environment - it seems working. 8)

In my personally opinion, we are all sitting in a chair in front of a screen, only a few of us maybe in a cockpit, far less in a real cockpit,
the sound of a simulation is so much important - it brings me at least a big step closer to the feeling you are missing in a real world - despite the graphic aspect...
I hear a Spitfire or a Messerschmitt passing by from left to right - I've got goosebumps - even a fur already, starting from left to right.... :Smile)

So please give Tiger and everybody involved, with my utmost respect, my deep gratitude!

Jambo S! :wink:

... welcome to the goosebumps club ...!! Big Grin

Mate I really know what you mean ... :lol:

I like it, it sounds really good! Big Grin

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