Map of Belorussia ver. 1

This map covers the area from Minsk to Brest. It is based partly on aerophotos made during WWII, contains about sixty airfields, which location was made on the basis of authentic documents of that era. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find any source showing anything about other than grass airfields, so the present date concrete ones, even if of attractive appearance, were removed in the course of the map creation.The airfields are made using ZUTI's Friction mod.
The map is not yet completely populated, the main attention was devoted to some landmarks such as larger towns. Newertheless, it is considered to be finished to some extent, further patches might follow as required. Especially it concerns the winter version, since the present one is about the summer time.
It is supposed that the map could be used for 1939 to 1944 war campaigns, and to some extent, after removing most of the airfields, to 1914-1920 years.

The compatibility of the map was tested with the following versions of Il2 Sturmovik 1946:

HSFX 4.01, HSFX 5.01, SASmodact3.06, UP3RC4, DBW 1.71,and HSFX 6.01.

The map can be downloaded here :

The readme file there involded contains all the necessary installation guide.


This is a much needed map for the Eastern Front! Big Grin

I really appreciate that you did much research about the region and things related to your map. It is very good of you to test it on various IL-2 modding systems.



Great work Uzin am sure many will enjoy this map and that it will make mission makers very happy as well now that they have a new map to work with.
Thank you Big Grin


Thank you Uzin :wink: Confusedhock:

if you have any troubles with Minsk,
just replace , in _tex/uzin/Belarus/summer/ folder, the file AF_Minsk_C.tga by that you can d/l here :

All credits to panzerkeil and Gromm.

Thank you again Uzin Big Grin


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