Collection of DCG Campaigns

DCG Carrier Operations V1.3 DBW

1.Added 5 new subcampaigns to the USN career (Rabaul 1+2,Cichi Jima,Iwo Jima and TenGo)!
2.You need 3 new maps for this campaign:

Welcome to Hell - Rabaul 1944 (Update 30/03) by Bee

Bombsaway's Chichi V 1.3 map.

and the Northern Ryukyus map (included in this download)

3. You need also 3 Helldiver Versions from freeil2modding to play this campaign: SB2C-1C-Helldiver, SB2C-3 and SB2C-4Late ... t2945.html

4. Removed subcampaign "Battle of the Phillipine Sea" from the grandcampaign! (Worked not really good!)
5. Subcampaign "Attack on Truk Lagoon": Fixed a bug which prevented that four UN Squads could not stationed on the Carrier Enterprise and were transfered to the offmap airfield Majuro!
6. Reworked ship route for the Yamato and escorts for subcampaign "Ten Go" (Some USN planes couldnt find the ships at attack point in the first version)!
7.Added a new USN career start for a second grandcampaign path!
8.To make the Yamato a bit harder to crack you can take this example below!
But first make a safe copy of your ships.ini!
Its tested for subcampaign "Ten Go" with:
Squad density=full
Flights per Squad=1

MinShotCaliber 0.203
NumShots 222
MinHitExplTNT 96
NumHitExpl 24
MinNearExplTNT 150 //130
NumNearExpl 48

Download see first post!

Have fun!

Very nice Lonestar Big Grin
Thank you.


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