HSFX v6.0.17 w/ Modact 4.0 FX PACK

Basically a little more FPS friendly FX pack.. all the eycandy you love, with only 2/3rds the calories!

[Image: il2fb2013-04-1400-37-02-44_zpseb5ea9c4.jpg]

[Image: il2fb2013-04-1400-36-33-45_zps9257bc1c.jpg]

[Image: il2fb2013-04-1400-36-18-70_zps98e51c03.jpg]

[Image: il2fb2013-04-1400-36-10-31_zps216e7390.jpg]

[Image: il2fb2013-04-0320-03-10-81_zpsf64ab153.png]

[Image: il2fb2013-03-3115-43-49-28_zps912c2645.png]

~ HSFX v6.0.17 w/ Modact 4.0
~ The Black Death track, average 33FPS on my low ball rig with AA set a 12x edge detect in ATI CCC
- Campaigns tested with:
~ Boelcke's Defense of the Reich for 4.11

KNOWN bugs
~ Timing of secondary mid-air explosion might be a little off.


~ unpack 7zip and install in your HSFX v6.0.17 w/Modact 4.0 game #SAS folder AHEAD of any other effects folder.
~ as always, backup files

CREDITS go to:
~ Ice Eagle
~ Eexhaton
~ HolyGrail
~ hguderian
~ Sanka
~ socorrista22198
~ santobr
~ Wolfighter

* Do not re-package & distribute without MY PERMISSION! Respect my Authority!

Enjoy! Big Grin


*under ZERO circumstances shall the FX pack be directly linked on any other website.
IF you do.. I can't be held resposible for what the SMURFS will do!

Comments & feedback always welcomed Smile

OOPS I took away the link because I don't know if a non registered user can download from this area(?) .

Hi, Ice_Eagle

Members in general must sign into this website to download mods. There are several good reasons for this, but I will pass on explaining how the Administration feels about it.

I am sure that this is a very useful and welcomed mod! Big Grin


Only members can download from this area... that's great! LINK back up! Smile

Hi Ice, mod looks great Big Grin
Thank you for your work.


Well anything for you guys! Hope you enjoy it!

Why would you MOD an already modded game with mod act 4 ?
HSFX is a modded game and you can add any mod you wish.

Cause I like MA4.. I don't use a 'mods' folder.. I like using almost every plane/mod available in DBW for my 4.11 game..
Plus that's how I tested it. Thanks for your input.

I have been using HSFX from 09 and have every mod I have ever wanted
with no problem.
I have used most of SaS mods, AAS mods,many maps and a few mods from Beo's site and they have always worked and it is a much simpler

Was only asking.

I appreciate your input. You have jetwar? ALL the 409/410 objects also? What effects pack were you using before this one? Also, hows this FX pack working for you??

Hello Ice,

thank you very much!

Big Grin

As a matter of fact I had every thing working just fine.
As for the FX pack that came out after I had and major hard drive crash and lost every thing.

I forgot, in your conf.ini you need to add this:


Its for santobr's tracer mod which is included. I'll also have to make a revised readme to include his name in the credits.

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