[Map] Map South-Germany/Austria

(I'm just copying the text from Feinripp1 into hereSmile

Hello and greetings dear pilots and community!

Mission accomplished! I finished my map!
With the help of all the tools and recourses concerning landscape, airfields, cities, towns and sights I build this map.

This map is compatible with UP3RC4 and DBW 1.71
On every airfield R/R/R is possible as written in the load.ini. For memory reasons I used the "00_Zuti_Friction_STD_410".
You’ll may find this folder in your IL2 directory/#UP#/STD/... or IL2 directory/#DBW/STD/.....

The folder "00_Zuti_Friction_STD_410" is part of the download files.
You may forgive me should I have forgotten anything relating to this huge map.

A few remarks: on a few airfields (lifelike) the accommodations or quarters were outside of the airfields-area.
For that reason I placed an “runway” symbol and at the quarters I placed a few “stay” points.

There is the possibility to drive with a Jeep to the airfield.

[Image: ErdingBarracks.jpg]

I’ve got two variants of this summer map. One with ground personnel and one without.

Please add to your all.ini:

In addition I made a small chronicle of all the airfields I’d have information for.
Downloadlink History
http://rapidshare.com/files/3855940374/ ... fields.rar


Downloadlink Sued_Germany Map



Downloadlink Sued_Germany_crew Map

http://rapidshare.com/files/786324374/S ... y_crew.rar


Should I forgotten anything I beg your pardon. As the word is: ”nobody is perfect”! :-)

For the rest I wish you a very good flight and lots of fun with this map.


P.S. The winter map is coming soon! ;-)

Thank you Jambo for translate

From Feinripp1 as well:

Sorry folks :-? ,
it means of course all.ini
Sued_Germany Sued_Germany/load.ini

Sued_Germany_crew Sued_Germany_crew/load.ini



There must be a space between Sued_Germany Sued_Germany. No decimal point character.


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