How to make realistic Wallpapers for Cliffs of Dover

Hello !

Now I've made a tutorial for Cliffs of Dover How to do a good wallpaper. You also can use these tips for any other computer game.
For now I will show you, how to do an average old color and monochrome picture.
At First you have to do a good screenshot. Therefore there are some things you have to pay attention for:
These tips are not necessary but helpful:

Try to make an action photo.

Choose perspectives that you also can reach with a real plane

If you fly in big groups, pay attention, that there are not everywhere the same skins.
If you can't change that fact, take a screenshot that nobody sees that.

If you take photos from german planes, do them that you can't see the vertical stabilizer, or do a hakenkreuz (don't know the english word)
on the vertical stab.

For my picture I choosed a crashed Hurricane.

[Image: d8jp.png]

At the first, you need the program PAINT.NET

It's free to download, but if you want to, you can donate.

Then install the program.

I'd like to do that a bit interactive, so if you want to you can do each step and post the result here in this forum. you also can use 1946 or canvas knights,
after every step you've shown here, i will continue with the next step.

The first task to you is to download and install and choose the Screenshot. Post the screenshot here, and i will continue.

To the Admins: Where do I have to put this topic for an interactive tutorial for every game which is played in this big forum ?


Hi Beulenfan, you can let it stay right here I made it a sticky Smile
Thank you.


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