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Peace Agreement Between IL2 Sites.

This was posted from Beowolff over at Freemodding today and I am going to quote it and put it here, Also I will be restoring the SAS forum here as well as unbanning all SAS admin here, as I have been unbanned at SAS, so lets just hope that this is a very long lasting agreement of peace between sites.

Beowolff Wrote:as you likely already know, Bombsaway and myself have been in 'intense' negotiations for several days now to try and end the difficulties between our two sites... literally for the welfare of 'both' sites, but also for the overall community.

interest in IL2 has been winding down for some time now, certainly the confrontations between 'both' sites have hastened that. it's got to stop, and so we've stopped it. this may not prevent this old and well loved game from eventually declining, but certainly it'll help, and help a lot. but EVERYONE has to do their part. that means we've got to change the way we act, and think. no more 'this site is best' crap, but rather ANY IL2 site is a good thing mentality/thinking. IL2 sites are down (these days) to the nitty gritty... the loss of either site, SAS or FM could ring a death's bell for the other, or for overall modding in general for the main parts of the community. so we've ALL got to step up and do our parts to ensure the survival (and fun) of ALL things IL2.

that means simply that we've got to get past OLD insults, OLD differences, OLD defenses, OLD aggressions... OLD ways of doing business and start working more cooperatively for the 'game' rather than the individual sites. sure, it's fine to be proud of your site and your friends, but that has got to be tempered with LESS knee-jerk defense/aggression over other people's comments/opinions/etc. we've got to THINK more before we lash out or start jabbing harsh or unreasonable words out on our keyboards, no matter how much the normal reaction is to jump into the fray.

for our part here, as Bombsaway as agreed over there at the SAS... no disparaging comments will be made over HERE regarding them. if it is, the offending post will be removed immediately, the instigator of the post warned, and if need be, muted or even banned if the problem continues unresolved. PEACE MEANS PEACE... that means a check on hard words or ugly opinions, hateful comments and defending/attacking posts.

we have removed (as far as we can see) ANY disparaging comments/threads/etc here about the SAS. we will continue to police our site to keep it that way. the SAS name is of course long unbanned here as was the ability to post direct links here to posts/information over there. I'll also see about getting a 'direct' referring link to the SAS site 'back' up in our LINKS section as I get time. we will begin a process of unbanning ALL SAS admins, but due to our old and outmoded site software this will be a lengthy process (it's not automated here, it's done manually and individually by IP, Name, Email.) there may be (as we've already ran into with Bombsaway) some problems with a few unbans due to unforeseen things that we can't easily figure out. we'll work to settle these issues, or barring that, work to figure out a 'work-around' for them, so please any SAS members wanting to be unbanned, take that into consideration and please use patience as we endeavor to get it back on track.

this peace is hopefully the start of a healing process... it may take a little bit, but it's do-able and WE can all do it. we understand that it may take a while for everyone to feel completely comfortable with it and to fully embrace it. that's understandable. but it's (I feel, and so does Bombsaway) an earnest, worthy effort, and certainly a 'smart' one for everybody. so let's begin...

as Bombs said in his post, let's get BACK to having FUN with this game!




Thank you very much John, glad for being back. Let's do our best to keep this a steady and gainful peace for all involved.

Best regards - Mike

Great news!

A welcome back I give to all returning to good times! Big Grin



Can't wait to see all the teams working together to improve our favorite simulation ;o)


EDIT: OK guys, after the Champagne offered by bravofxtrt, would it be possible to get a BEECH 18 PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

THANKS ALL. nice to see peace . May we all Fly till we Die Big Grin
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