Northern Ryukyu Islands (Beta)

Tested in DBW 1.71!
Many different Islands, like Vulcanos and really many small and bigger Harbors!
I think a nice and an interesting area in the south of Japan!

Unfortunately, the map seems to have a bug:
The original map was a bit smaller to the south, I added later Le Shima to the map!
From then I had sometimes (not always) sinking "shaking" ships in my Campaign!
The problem are only moving ships from a certain speed, no static ships!
So I must have made a mistake during relarging the map and unfortunately I saw this strange behavior of the sinking ships too late!
Otherwise, the map works!

This is currently a beta, Bombsaway works on an update for the map, which comes a bit later! Big Grin

[Image: 2ch55xtvegmbupu6g.jpg]

[Image: sidb41xbjvat91s5g.jpg]

[Image: ypx5anex8v3wq0x5g.jpg]

[Image: 05qximm9lln06db5g.jpg]

[Image: p1ums12o9sdnbch5g.jpg]

[Image: dt6brkqe0azoq1m5g.jpg]

[Image: zrrv19wqlcliv8d5g.jpg]

[Image: bt7fl9nbs6lypno5g.jpg]

[Image: mrtnalofg52rapf5g.jpg]

[Image: 0dgs4b9srktuutb5g.jpg]

Many thanks to Bombsaway, because I used some older shallow water and vulcano textures from him,
The creator of the Okinawa mod map, because I used his Le Shima landscape for my map,
Paul Lowengrin for his support and Dynamic Campaign Generator,
And finally all IL-2 modders, for all the time they invested in their mods, aircraft and maps, which I could download the last years for free here and elsewhere!
Many thanks again!

Map: ...

Have fun!


It looks cool in the images. Big Grin

People are going to enjoy it, I'm sure. Big Grin



Looks great Lonestar Big Grin
Thank you.


Thanks guys!
Ironically, since I put the map available for download, the ships sinking without any problems in my current campaign :?:
I hope it stays that way . . .

Retexture update for the map by Gumpy: ... t3580.html

Hello Lonestar, hi Gumpi,

it looks great, wonderful, amazing!

Thank you very much,

Gerhard Big Grin

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