UPDATE Vultee Vengeance

the Vultee Vengeance

The Vultee Vengeance was the response to a British request, a dive bomber , with the change of tactics (you chose the fighter-bombers), despite the excellent performance, he was relegated to a secondary theater Burma-Indian Ocean, here brought to light its quality in precision bombing, was the plane of the allies with the most low-dispersion (about 15m) from the target, withdrew from the front line was used as a trainer and troll-targets.

[Image: nqitrvc88a0jeja6g.jpg]


news: new entries for Plane.ru and weapon.ru , correct bugs , blank default skin

!!!!need diff.mod!!!!

For Skin use a folder named "Vultee-Vengeance" in "Paintschemes\Skins".

3D: Gio
Testing and exhaust adustments: Gumpy, Bombsaway
Default skin: Gumpy
Classes and flight model: CWatson

Greetings, GIO.

Ow !! Another great plane ;o)

Thanks a lot Gio for sharing it with us ;o)

And Many thanks to everybody involved in the project !!! 8) 8) 8)


Thanks to all involved on this plane Big Grin


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