CK's German U Boat Release.

This is the German U Boat for Canvas Knights game made by Fireskull.

[Image: GUBOATRL.jpg]

This is a online, off line vehicle.
This vehicle can only be used in the full CK game it will not work in the free CK beta2 game.

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( GUBOAT ) folder and drag the ( German_U_Boat ) folder into your CK game vehicles folder, then add the line in the axis.txt German_U_Boat and save it.

That's it your done.


Hope you all enjoy the U Boat.


Let me first congratulate you for the Full Game Release !!!! It is fantastic !!!! I hope it will be a great success for you, as expected !!!

BTW this U-Boat is just amazing and great !!! Can't wait to give it a try ;o)

Ted :mrgreen:

Yes, a very nice U-Boot. Like it very much!

And thanks a lot Fireskull for your hard work! 8) Big Grin

Thank you both for your hard work!

Jambo Big Grin

S! Congrats DM for the release of the full game. And thanks for these 5 new vehicles. Big Grin


Hi Deutschmark,

thanks for your excellent models all your models are great.

Thanks 8) Ferda Mravenec

After having gave it a try, I would like to thanks a lot Fireskull for the incredible work he did !!!!

The U Boat is just amazing and gorgeous !!!! I have sank HMS Iron Duke !!!!!!

Thanks a lot Fireskull !!!!!


Hi, guys

I am glad that you like the CK U-boat
Big Grin

(...that is for the full version of CK which was released recently - for the readers).


Congrats to the release of Canvas Knights DM!

Thank you for the U-Boat Fireskull great work!


Hi Everybody,

I am discovering the game since a few weeks only and just play with the German U-Boat :

thanks a lot Fireskull for this nice WW1 U-Boat model.. the detailed interior is specially immersive : nice for a submarine.. Smile

I tried to make an alternative Depth Gauge indicating the real depth of the submarine below the surface in meters (0-100m) :

[Image: scr03.jpg]

You can test it here :

I have also a question about the periscope's animation (anim.x file) as I made a test with animated crew on the deck in surface and going into the cabin during immersion :

[Image: scr02.jpg]

As the periscope is disabled in this case, is it possible to have a version with the periscope's animation tagged in the model : I think as a "pdoorl" part moving with CTRL-C for instance ?

Best regards

Hi pascal72,

that looks really good! 8)

A crew brings life into it, more accountability as a Captain. 8)

Thank you very much for sharing!

Jambo 8)

You've made a nice job on the U-Boat Fireskull ... & now seeing pascal72's crew members on board when it's running on the surface is the icing on the cake.

I'll be keeping an eye out so as to add that to my U-Boat if released Smile

Well sorry to say people, but the crew for the U-boat is not going to happen, it would take a re-work of the model and everyone that ever downloaded it would need to re-download it again, so this will not be, sorry!

But the depth gauge is a nice little add-on to the U-boat that does not need a re-work of the sub and not very one has to download it.



Finally, I found the solution to add in the crew's animation an alternative scope very similar to the original , so no need to modify anything.. :wink:

The scope is also animated and I added too a flag (of course only visible in surface mode), here are some screens of both exterior and interior :

first in surface mode when the animation is on with CTRL-A

[Image: scr04.jpg]

[Image: scr05.jpg]

then in immersion mode, with the animation off (by default)

[Image: scr06.jpg]

[Image: scr07.jpg]

here an alarm sound for emergency dive :

just place the horn.wav file into the German_UBoat folder (then shift-H in the game) ,

cheers.. Smile

Well I have to say that is GREAT Pascal!!! Big Grin
As I was not looking forward to re-working the sub :wink:


That is really amazing and it gaves the sub some more accurate details !!!
Thanks a lot Pascal and anothertime Fireskull and DM for the Sub and the game ;0)

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