CK's HMS Iron Duke Release.

This is the HMS Iron Duke for Canvas Knights game made by Fireskull and Deutschmark.

[Image: HMSIDRL.jpg]

This is a online, off line vehicle.
This vehicle can only be used in the full CK game it will not work in the free CK beta2 game.

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( IronDuke ) folder and drag the ( HMS_Iron_Duke ) folder into your CK game vehicles folder, then add the line in the allied.txt HMS_Iron_Duke and save it.

That's it your done.


We hope you all enjoy the Iron Duke.
Fireskull and Deutschmark

Thanks a lot you both!

She looks very dangerous and nice at the same time! 8)

Air, Ground, Sea and even beneath the surface.

That is really an awesome environment! 8)

Thanks again Gentlemen for making and sharing with us!

Jambo 8)

Great Great GREAT !!!

I will play to Naval Battle thanks to CK ;o)

Awesome work...


Awesome model, looks great! Thank you Fireskull and DM!


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