Where can I find IES1 and support for my game?

The official release of IES1 can be find on this site with the link below.
Take care it is a pure Fr forum from a virtual flight, friend of Histo. Nevertheless, you can post in English, one can answer you.
Understand that we support only our release. We know perfectly the bugs of the other version, and we won't to answer to any question about this one.
Same for the extrated D520 or Bf109.

http://escadre-ms.vraiforum.com/f38-IES ... ator-1.htm

Hi LeBig,

Nice to see that IES1 is going forward, please keep us updated here as we have some guys at this site that enjoy your game very much.


Bonjour LeBig,

thank you very much for your post and link! 8) Big Grin

I am one of those guys who very much enjoy your IES1! S! Big Grin
It is very good to see you here!

Because I have your permission, I'll translate your manual in our German section here.
Might take a bit but will be done. :wink:

Wish you and your team all the very best!

Jambo Big Grin

Does anyone know why the original HIstomod site is down and if it will be back?

Yes! they moved
No! the old will not be back.


Hi Lebig,

Welcome back !!!!

As my red-named friends, I am glad to read you, and happy to know IES is keeping up !!!! You did a really fanstatic work, and you mod is the better I have ever played !!!

Cheers ;o)


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