CK's Dog Fight Setup.

If you would like to setup a off line dog fight this tells you how you can do this with any planes.

This will only work for the full paid CK game!

Ok here is what you do,

1, go into your CK folder so you see all the folders and put a X in front of the weapons folder like this ( Xweapons )

2, now start the game using the CK mod exe and if you want to be in a allied plane then you need to pick a German plane first that you want to fight.

3, when you bring in the German plane go to out side view and behind the plane and move away a little.

4, now press V key and pick the allied plane you want to fly and bring it into game.

5, now press tab key ( the one with the 2 arrows on it ) and you will go back to the German plane.

6, now press shift + F8 and click on the tab ( load scripts ) now pick the one that says
( defend the runway long ) and click accept, once the motor starts press tab key to go back to your allied plane and start the motor take off and have some fun as soon as you get in the air the German plane will be trying its best to kill you Smile

Now you can do this with as many planes as your PC will handle and you can even send them all off as AI and just hop around from plane to plane using tab key and go for the ride.

Wish you all fun Big Grin

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