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JV69_LYBIA_N-E map

Sorry for the disturb, i am searching the JV69_LYBIA_N-E map, but i have only find the new UP3/DBW version.

Is already possible have a link for the old release of this map.

Thanks a lot for any informations about.

Best regards.

Hi, I just looked through all I have in archives, the download post for it is there for 4.09 game but the link is not working and I don't have that map in my old IL2 4.09 install, maybe someone will come along with it when they see this post from you, or you could try to extract it from UP3 or DBW.

Sorry I could not be more help.

Thanks for your kindly and prompt reply.
Unfortunately is possible extract it from UP or DBW, but in the new map there are a great quantity of objects that in the stock game aren't, so
with the new map is necessary have also these objects.
Also the C6 link are down.

Thanks again.

Best regards.

Well maybe if you ask over at C6 site someone there might be able to upload it for you, if they do would you be so kind as to put a link to it here in this thread as well please.


I have recieved the new link via 4.09 rebel.

The link for this old map is: ... -E_V1.0.7z

I don't know for many time it will remain active.

Thanks for all.

it is an old post, but thank you for archive and upload! Smile
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