B-52H Stratofortress For VSF

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber.
The B-52 was designed and built by Boeing, which has continued to provide support and upgrades.
It has been operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) since the 1950s
(from wikipedia)


It is probably a delay to import the plane in game. Also i have notice a low fps in somes scenery (as Aegean Sea)
The plane may not work in oldest computer
Suggestion: For an easy take off trim the plane to value minus 1.8 and move throttle gradually not over 50%
[Image: d5713921f544edc907d3e46e2749ce0f.jpg]

[Image: 01461d5aa0603b50daf46c0f4d2f99f6.jpg]

[Image: c054dda28f26ff6ff7668f90f26b8b38.jpg]

with pilots panel / tail gunner and ECM officers panel on the upper deck faced aft / bombs and navigation officers on the lower deck faced forward, in total 64 instruments self- luminous for night flights
[Image: fe6e92b01f0ce477228e5aeebb197c0b.jpg]

Weapons: 6 AGM-84 Harpoon missiles and 18 (double) Mk-82 bombs
[Image: ce39fa519f35437d336da402692caec0.jpg]

the bombs are configured in 4 groups as the follow image
[Image: 5ad84d85aeecaef3f7bf37cd96631afb.jpg]

you can delete the line [weapon_group] from the weapon.cfg file of the weapons/MK82A, MK82B, MK82C, MK82D folder to have the follow configuration
[Image: 6ce294a168d43e2661aa27b1a5f80b86.jpg]


Thank you very much for this great plane Kostas! Big Grin
I am sure many in the VSF world well enjoy it like I will.



Wow! Looks fabulous!
Big Grin


Thanks guys,
Airwolf have made a correction of the element file downloaded at VSF/addon - library
Also Sailorjohn send me a correction of the element.cfg and vehicle.cfg. So anyone who want try it, can download from the link:

(click on B_52H4 bellow)
A big thanks to Airwolf and Sailorjohn

You can keep the Airwolf file for a most maneuverability version or Sailorjohn's file for a most "heavy" version
Both files are better than my file!!

What a BUFF! 8) :lol:

Thank you very much for sharing with us Kostas!
A marvelous plane and a marvelous piece of work you did! 8)

Jambo Big Grin

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd Noowww...!!!

Finally she is here ;o)

After a huge work you did it right Kostas !!!! Congratulations for the hard stuff you did here, you've started from nothing and now there is a real virtual B52 !!! Very accurate and well detailed !!!!

Thanks a lot, I am sure many will enjoy it !!!


Hi Kostas.
I have a question for you on the mod B-52, is the ability to keep it adapted to the game IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 version 4.12.2.
Or granted a license in compliance with all copyright to someone who would have adapted this mod.
Best regards and thank you for your reply.

Hi Seb.76,

First welcome to the AAS site Big Grin

This plane is made for the game VSF not IL2, in IL2 mods there is no copyrights I have read that on one of the other IL2 modding sites rules.


Hi Seb, welcome to this forum
As for your request, i know, from experience that, each game have a different construction way to make a model, that would be suitable for this game.
This model is made for Vehicle Simulator and is not worth to convert or adapt as it is for IL2. It should be made from the beginning.
So i suggest you to made the model from the beginning in accordance with the requirements of IL2 game from various plans that you can find in the internet

Thank you for the warm welcome in the forum. Big Grin
And thank you for the information on this mod.

Anyone have this airplane that they can share with me? The link seems to have expired.

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