AAS Was Undergoing Maintenance.

Hi all,

Just so that you all know AAS was undergoing maintenance through the night last night and much of the day today, sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.

I tried to post the above over at SAS early today but SAS~GJE52 admin seen fit to delete my post in the M4T again down thread and put in his own.

The original thread has now been sanitized, pasteurized and homogenized to look like it was just a post by wheelsup from M4T giving a M4T Facebook link, but a photo is worth a thousand words... just look above.
And now even the sanitized, pasteurized and homogenized thread has been removed... :lol:

I am very sorry to see that M4T is down, here is a Facebook link for them;

And also sorry to see Freemodding is down as well, sorry I do not have a Facebook link for them.


Thanks DM for those news... I hope M4T and FM will be back soon...

I enjoy to see AAS back !!! It seems like spring is coming early this year ;o) Tongue Big Grin :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:

Ted 8) 8)

Yes, I am glad AAS is back Big Grin , unfortunately FreeModding still is down, but I hope we will be back soon. :wink:


Big Grin

Happy that AAS is back!


I'm happy too,

Gerhard Big Grin

Nice to see M4T and FM back on line!!! 8)
Variety of places to go for IL 2 is great again :Smile)


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