CK's Subchaser Release

Here is my first add-on for Canvas Knights the Allied Subchaser
This model was created under the guidance of a very, very.... strict Professor...DM which i am grateful for his advices, comments and instructions

[Image: SCRA.jpg]
[Image: SCRB.jpg]
[Image: SCRC.jpg]

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( SCR ) folder and drag the ( SC_93 ) folder into your CK game vehicles folder, then add the line in the allied.txt SC_93 and save it.


Hope you enjoy it.

There she is! :Smile)
Looks great Kostas!!! Big Grin

And from being able to test/ play with it before hand its a very fun boat to play with and even more fun when hunting that German U-boat :mrgreen:

Thank you again Kostas.
Look forward to more.
There will be a mission from me with her soon.


Big Grin

Very fun boat, Kostas!

It looks good, too!
Big Grin


Yes, thank you very much indeed Kostas! Big Grin

A very nice Easter present as well! :Smile)

I truly love that ship! Big Grin

Jambo 8)

Hi Kostas !!!

Fantastic work you did there !!!! Thanks a lot for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS ;o)


thanks guys,
but, as i said, I am not the only one that should take the credits but also DM for his help and support! Smile
Thanks again

THanks Kostas it gave me a chance to test my Dazzle painting skills.

Thanks to you Raf for your beatiful mission!!!
Pascal, a member of VSF, add animated pilots to subchaser
for anyone who want can download them from

Sorry I need to take this out you can NOT use a ( scale _factor ) and ( Pilot_0 ) in CK they mess things up in CK.
I will re-upload this soon.

New Download Made For CK Animated Pilots And Crew Here;

Hello Everybody,

As I said on the VSF's forum, a great thank again to Kostas for this nice Submarine Chaser. It was also a surprise to discover the possibilty to have realistic depth charges weapons in the game...

I am happy that Kostas like my "crew" for the SC_93 and also to give this little contribution for his project.. I 'll try to add some more of them on deck and look-out : if you have suggestions.. :wink:

Greetings from Le Mans (France) , pascal

Well done! *applauds*

Because we have a nice warm day, I decided to take a little journey down the river Po,
and maybe visiting Brescello and seeing Don Camillo and Peppone... :Smile)

[Image: JAMBOSC.jpg]

A very nice and nifty ship!

Uh, nearly forgotten.... need drinks for my crew! :lol: 8)

Thanks again Kostas, Deutschmark and pascal72!! Big Grin

S! Jambo :wink:

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