CK's Renault FT 17 Female Release.

[Image: Female%20meets%20Male.jpg]

The Female version of the FT 17 like all Allied tanks was equipped with Hotchkiss machine guns rather than Lewis, Chauchat or the the variety of belt fed machine guns available.

[Image: Female%20Renault%20FT17.jpg]

This is a conversion done by RAF209_Benge of Pascal72 WW1 Renault FT17 tank with canon.

Installation instructions;

Drop the vehicles folder into Canvas Knights folder...

Then go into the Canvas Knights folder / vehicles folder add the following line ( Renault_FT17_Female ) to the allied.txt and save it.

Download Mirror 1 from Mediafire

Download Mirror 2 from Mission 4 Today ... ils&id=219

Big Grin


Looks good!
Thank you, Benge


You did a good job on the conversion Benge Big Grin
Thank you.


Awesome Tank, Benge! 8)

Thank you very much for sharing with us!
I do appreciate it very much!

Jambo Big Grin

P.S. By the way: is a tank a she or he or..? :oops:
In Germany it's a he - outside hard and rough around the edges, but inside a true softy... :mrgreen:

verry good Benge!!
Thank you for this convertion!!

To Jambo
I think that the tank as vehicle is not she or he Smile
but they gave the nickname male or female because the gun of the tower. Cannon (male version) most heavy than machine gun (female)
Don't forget, in that era they believed the womens weaker than mens :lol:


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