CK's Caproni's over Trieste Mission

Today you take off on a bombing run of the port of Trieste where Austrian ships
are unloading supplies of their beleagured troops niear Caprietto.

Your flight of two Caproni CA 3 Heavy Bombers will be escorted by two
of the new Asvaldo SVA5s as Austro-Hungarian patrol planes are in the area.
It is believed that Jasta 23 has been moved to Trieste with their new
Roland Escort fighters. tangle with their new Roland Escort fighters.

[Image: 65553_caproni%20bombing%20run%20of%20trieste.jpg]
[Image: 65553_caproni2.jpg]

Download Link;

To Install;

I have made the installation of my missions into your Canvas Knights Game pretty much idiot proof, Once you have Extracted the main file for the compressed file
Open the title file up.
Place the files called situations and scripts directly into your Canvas Knights game. it will do the rest.

Big Grin

Yeah! Another mission!

Thank you so much, Benge. Big Grin


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