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I been busy! Big Grin

So have your first look at Canvas Knights AIRCO DH4

[Image: ADH4FLA.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLB.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLC.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLD.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLE.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLF.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLG.jpg]

Still much left to do on her.

Looking good!!! Smile

Thank you Phineas Big Grin


The instruments are now in and working.
[Image: ADH4FLH.jpg]

The pilots are now in and the guns are now working with animations.
[Image: ADH4FLJ.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLK.jpg]

The hit boxes are done and the game just takes all the parts and throws them everywhere
till I get the damage CFG done to govern the game engine on what to do with the parts.

[Image: ADH4FLL.jpg]

And up up and away we go! Big Grin
[Image: ADH4FLM.jpg]

Left to do;
Damage 3D model.
Damage CFG.
Damage texture.
A few skins.


Nice stuff there !!!

How many planes did you already bring to CK DM ?



Thanks Ted Big Grin
As for how many planes... 12 in the stock game.
New planes ... 56 and the DH4 will make 57, for a sum of 69 aircraft so far for the CK game.


69 !!!

Wow.. That is always a nice number Tongue :wink:


Sorry for the delay R/L has been getting in the way!

Last update before release!

Damage model and texture is done!
This is just one of the many configurations that can happen with the damage model.

[Image: ADH4FLN.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLO.jpg]
[Image: ADH4FLP.jpg]

Left to do;
A few skins.

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