CK's Farman F40 WIP.

Hi all,
Sorry for my silence as my life has changed in a good way but it levees very little time these days for 3D modeling,
I have been working on a new plane for CK and now have it in game where I can show it to you all.

So have your first look at Canvas Knights Farman F40

[Image: FF40A.jpg]
[Image: FF40B.jpg]
[Image: FF40C.jpg]
[Image: FF40D.jpg]
[Image: FF40E.jpg]
[Image: FF40F.jpg]
[Image: FF40G.jpg]

Still much left to do on her.
I will try to have it out before X-Mass, If not then soon after.


It looks great! Big Grin

I am looking forward to flying it.


Thank you Clinton glad you like it Big Grin


The instruments are now in and working.
[Image: FF40H.jpg]

The pilots and bombs are now in and the gun and engine rocker arms are now working with animations.
[Image: FF40J.jpg]
[Image: FF40K.jpg]

The hit boxes are done and the game just takes all the parts and throws them everywhere
till I get the damage CFG done to govern the game engine on what to do with the parts.

[Image: FF40L.jpg]

And up up and away we go! Big Grin
[Image: FF40M.jpg]

Left to do;
Damage 3D model.
Damage CFG.
Damage texture.
A few skins.



Great to see you let them coming ;o)

That Farman is really good ! Farman brothers worked in an airfield near where I lived my childhood (just a few kilometers from the house)...

A nice piece of History DM ;o)


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