Boeing Model 83 for VSF & CK

Hi all,
I know its been a while from when I made a model last, I have been busy with RL as I am playing music in a band again and all though it is doing very good for me it levees me near no time for modeling.
This is the Boeing Model 83 was a prototype and a state of the art bi-plane of its time and what later became the Boeing P-12's ARMY Air Core and Boeing F-4B's US NAVY fighter planes of the USA in the early to mid 30's.
This prototype was made without guns and was just made for fun flying and testing of the planes airframe it was actually called a ( production prototype ) as more then 3 where made of it and they where given to the US ARMY Air Core, US NAVY and even some of the top racing and stunt flyers of 1930 for testing and feedback of the plane.
This model can be used in Vehicle Simulator and Canvas Knights.

This is my Boeing Model 83 for Vehicle Simulator and Canvas Knights games.

[Image: BM83A.jpg]
[Image: BM83B.jpg]
[Image: BM83C.jpg]
[Image: BM83D.jpg]
[Image: BM83E.jpg]
[Image: BM83F.jpg]
[Image: BM83G.jpg]

This is a online, off line vehicle / plane.

To install;
Unzip with folder names on, go inside the ( BM83 ) folder and drag the ( Boeing_Model_83 ) folder into your VSF & CK game vehicles folder, if putting it into CK game then add the line in the allied.txt Boeing_Model_83 and save it.

That's it your done.


Hope you all enjoy the Boeing Model 83.
[Image: GermanEagleDMRSR.jpg]

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