Small P51-B racer pit and friendly note

Good day!
This mod is one of many versions (many aka 6-10? Smile) I made for the P-51B.
Readme inside ..One friendly note for the "SAS Flying A. Clowns" (online team flyers)
Tom aka Thorsten

[Image: 2019-11-13-at-21-21-43.jpg]

Just a shot of one of the versions, not the one inside, exemplarily so to say---

Credits for the P-51B cockpits:
Freddy, F_Red
a.o. ... n.rar/file ... 1.rar/file

If there is an issue, I will reupload...or simply take it down AAS...I do not hold any feelings vs anyone

...the additional glass reflection aka 1st file is simply an extra I like. :wink:
Will most likely not come back to this forum, this is an exercise to send a note and donate a joystick for those who read the readme.

Cheers and all sim flyers take care and stay fit ...will release more mods eventually,,,some time. :wink:

Hi Thorsten,

Nice to see you're still around.
Hope you're doing well!


Hello Tom,
Not much happens here anymore for IL2.
But if you would like to post your mods here feel free to do so.
John aka Deutschmark

Hi John,

Covid-19 calls for a meeting of the old farts of IL-2 again as it seems :mrgreen:
Nice to see you guys are all still alive and kicking.


Hi Mike,

The site is here you and anyone can use it as you like for IL2 or any other flight sim as for me I am getting setup to start making model kits again like I did in the early 90s to the early 2000s, this link is of a kit I designed and produced out of the many in my line of kits back in 1992 and the builder of the review made the kit in 2019 have a look, this is what I am getting geared up for, I may do a few things for CK, maybe! but that right now is a big maybe, plus my band is going again and that took up all my time up till this CV19... what a -hell- we are all in right now... :OO Confusedhock: ... p?aid=3357


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