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Hello, as a propeller enthusiasts ( all kind ) I just find some of Aircraft's inclueded in IL2 are just horrible, and I would like to add my little humble contribution to all your great mods !

So, I would like some of you devs, would accept my props for their future mod update ( any, UP, HSFX ... )

For now, I have two models of Hamilton Standard, constant speed one,for B-17,DC-3, B-25, A-20 etc, as well as a Sumitumo one for Zero. If you are interested, I could make a set for many acft from BF109 to Skyraider, etc..

Some stock planes got good props like the P-51 but some are horrible ( BF109.. )*

Enjoy and comment plz.

[Image: zeroprop5.png]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
[Image: propsb.jpg]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
[Image: proprender24.png]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
[Image: proprender16.png]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
[Image: proprender15.png]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
[Image: proprender11.png]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
First welcome Hueyman to AAS site Big Grin
Them are some nice prop models you made there, I hope to see them in game soon.

Quote:Some stock planes got good props like the P-51 but some are horrible ( BF109.. )*

Hi Hueyman,

please go on, we need new props for the Bf-109...



Thanks !

If I find someone here who would like to texture them and include them in the game, I agree to do many mores ;-)
I have PMd with a very good IL2 modder to come help you Hueyman, these props are very nice and need to be in the IL2 game.



Hueyman Wrote:Thanks !

If I find someone here who would like to texture them and include them in the game, I agree to do many mores ;-)

Hi Hueyman,

First welcome here at AAS, we always glad to see new members Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Your works are very nice, congratulations, and thanks for sharing here, no doubt moders will contact you soon to add your prop to new mods 8) 8) 8)

Keep on the good work ! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Ted ;o)
Hi Hueyman. Big Grin
Wow, wonderful propellers!. :o
If you need help to import these propellers to IL-2, or you want to know something, you just have to tell me. :wink:


Hello guys !!

All of you seems very nice guys, that's great, I'm french and my english is not perfect, so please be comprehensive Big Grin

Ok ton414, let me about one month, and I'll do a library of prop for :

- Zero
- B-17 and all planes who use Hamilton Standard 3 bladed, hydromatic prop, with flat blades
- DC-3 " thin blade ", and B-25
- F4U-1 Hamilton Std two versions, thin root blade and larger end, and the flat root while going thinner and thinner ( ... _1944.jpeg and ... 457185.jpg ) as well as F4U-7 one ... t_view.jpg
- BF109 G one, with small and flat blades
- BF109 E, thin elegant blades and improved hub/spinner.
- Sumitumo Prop for Zero.

That's all for now, I want to make the worst one first, the other will come later. Spitfires and Mustang one are quitely nice done, but will make better ;-)

Will post WiP as works progress, I'm very happy some of you got interested in propellers, this part of the aircraft is my favorite, I fallen in love of them since I'm a little baby ( I'm 17 now ). This is the reason that makes me decide to learn 3D in Blender.

Just for eye pleasure, this is my prop for the Pilatus PC-6, the Hartzell HC-D4N-3P. It's another universe, this prop is for a plane I make with a friend for X-Plane 10.

Enjoy !

[Image: hartzellhcd4n3pwip20.png]
By hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
[Image: hartzellhcd4n3pwip21.png]
By Hetfield81 at 2012-05-06
Great work, let me say this, there is 3 props in IL2 a slow prop and that is the full prop and a fast prop and that is just the center of the prop and a dead prop that is one with damage and each prop can be up to 3,000 polys but its best if it was like 2,000 polys, now you know.



Ok thanks, I'll modell with less poly, I'll try to reach max 3000-2500
I say its best at 2,000 polys as you also have 2 prop disks one turns right and the other turns left that has to be in the mesh as well and they can be 300 polys or more each for the slow and fast props, also you will need to give a 3DS to Ton414 so it would be good if you get in PM talk with him.

You also might have a look here; viewtopic.php?f=82&t=3198
I know its a lot but some might help.

Yes Deutschmark right.
Here you have an example with the three models of props that are used in IL-2, original props from Messerschmitt Bf-109F-2:

[Image: 34rdafl.jpg]
I am surprised seeing the above propellers, are you sure their shape is correct ?
Compare this:

with the picture given above:

[Image: th_Propeller.jpg]

The angle of the blade section I expect to change, as given in the post . Or is it not possible in Il2 ? Just my 2pence.
The shapes are correct just a few of them he has feathered in the photos, I am not sure if we can feather props in IL2.

EDIT, ok I now see what you mean they don't have the twist in the blades, hmmm good point.

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