If you have purchase a seagate hard disk ...........


What a POS! Less than 3 months and dead! ThaNk goodness it only held my digital video cam surveillance footage. It's not needed as no crimes were committed. But if there had been then I would be screwed! I'm checking into their warrenty but I'm not expecting much! BTW WD has a great warrenty on their "passport" portables. Got a dead one of those too, but 1 year and 8 months later it's still in warrenty! YEAH!

Hunter1 Wrote:No , Pirate , whitout announciament i have failure HD , is a problem of HD firmware Cry Cry

Thats unfortunate. Sorry to hear about that, when my HDs have gone, I've usually seen some warning signs first - though I guess we're not all that lucky. What I was trying to say is that Seagate are generally considered to be a good HD maker.Like I said before it seems to me that they slipped up with either the quality control on that batch or something... who knows. I hope you get your problems sorted out soon.

I still recommend to anyone storing important on a single hard drive to make backups - I lost years of photos recently among other things due to a HD problem.

Pirate Smile

Pirate , the problem is easy to solve , this is the second time me happened this , and before never had a seagate HD . Solution : Continue to never had seagate HD ..........easy.

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