Map building tutorial

bigans Wrote:
Redwulf__32 Wrote:Coast Align only takes actual coastlines into consideration - not stretches of open water.

Thank you Redwulf__32 but I don't understand the meaning of your answer, could you explain me in other way?

I understood that you had "mountains of water" far from the coastline - Coast Align will not flatten these water areas to the surrounding sea level. Coast Align flattens the coast (land part) to the level of the water.

....hope this clarifies...

OK now I understand,
sems my map_h is 1km far from the real height. Same problem with map_t, only 300 meters far from real place.
Thank you

That tip with the blank airfiled plates increasing object visibility when close (from the previous page) is the first time I read about it. Thanks for sharing! :Smile)



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