[Beta] GB Gladiator Cockpits***Update 24/06***


I wish Wingmen Productions had such a MOD (and a few others, most obviously the very new Sea Gladiator aircraft with sliding canopy, etc)) when we produced the IL2 movie "Faith Hope and Charity"
View "Faith, Hope, and Charity" at Blip-TV

or here:
(The link is inoperative)]View "Faith, Hope, and Charity"in "chapters" at AAA/youtube

Neither of the above are in High Res/Def unfortunately

self deleted

My apologies! I experimented a bit with air.ini....It appears my problem [above, now deleted] may be with the SeaGlad acft MOD, not the Glad Cockpit MOD. The cockpit MOD in Glad Mk I and II looks GREAT! Thanks again.

Good work!
and the real cokpit G. mk.1 - http://airwar.ru/image/idop/fww2/gladtor/gladtor-7.jpg

Looks very nice, well done!

Thanks, been waiting for this one! Smile

.... works like a charm ,

many thanks


This, is great! I was looking at simhq and couldn't notice some updated shots with the correct reflector gunsight. Will this be included? The pictures of the gunsight show how could the model of the sight is. In my opinion it's good enough to be used on the early spitfire and hurricane models :wink:

I dream ... or some messages were arased ???

Charlie Chap Wrote:MkII Baker reflector sight added in place of the Finnish Revi.
Why do people insist calling it Finnish? J8A is a Swedish Gloster Gladiator variant, flown by the volunteer unit F19 during winter war 39-40... 8)

Revi sight, as most instruments are German (in this case the Revi 3c - most J8a had 3a but we fitted her with the "c" due to a number of reasons)
Unfortunately Maddox game gave her the wrong revi crosshair.... in game it looks like a type98 Jap crosshair, should be the ordinary simple german cross with a cirlce.

correct is;
[Image: revi.jpg]

Salute Klunk !!!!

You did a superb job making this aircraft in the first place.

Now of course you can add the correct gunsight reticle to the Revi of the J8A !

thnx mate... the praise goes to F19_Haddock though, I spent just too many hours over dusty old books, airforce charts, sitting in a real J8a cockpit taking hundrars of close up pics with a big grin on my face and beta beta beta beta beta testing (the cockpit is really roomy, I am 6'3 and i felt small in it Wink

[Image: Capture-1.jpg]


Can we get these re-hosted please?

T_O_A_D Wrote:Can we get these re-hosted please?

+1 Big Grin

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