(MOD) New version of ag_Kt_Karelia 1.1


I'm very sorry. My heartfelt sympathy to you and your mother!


Same wishes from me...


My heartfelt sympathy, too, I have.

One thing which helped me in the loss of loved ones is that they would want me to be strong and live a long, good life. Smile

I hope that this helps to comfort you. Smile


Thank you guys!
Even i feel sad, i know that life goes on..
Spring is here... I miss the fishing trips with my father.
See you soon here!

Sorry to hear that, Kap!
All the best for you and your Famillie during this difficult time!

Sorry, kapteeni.

A big hug!

Hi everybody!
Thank you for support.
I finally can concentrate to something else than familythings. Tonight i will only play few missions and update some mods.
I haven't even done that for a long time... Feel like teal noob.

Ooh and of course. It is Hockey time here in Finland. Need to watch that too.
I will do some tests and then Karelia map is ready to publish.

Hi Kapteeni,

very nice to see (read) you! Big Grin
Hope you and your mother are well and fine!?

Right now we have soccer (real football :mrgreen: :wink: ) time in Germany! 8)

Wish you a lot of fun and a very nice evening!

Jambo :wink:

Yeah, kapteeni

Fun is what you need. Big Grin


Life is strange....
Just when you thing that everyhing is OK, something happens..
This year has been real bad for me.
Now i got really bad flu. I didn' t have time to be sick, so i ignored it.
2 weeks ago i got REALLY sick. It was pneumonia.
OK.. Penicillin took that away, but there was a virus too. No fever. Only symptom is weird weakness.
My girlfriend got it too. She has MS-disease, so any infection is dangerous to her...
This has been real bad spring/early summer.
No fishing, hiking or cayakin. Sad
Good thing is that i have read more than usually....
More info later

Oh, kapteeni

I feel sad to read that you have been so sick. Your words have courage in them and I hope you keep a strong soul in these hard times. I was thinking today how important it is to find enjoyment and beauty to the full in life because we will be here in this world in this age only a short time. Show your love to your close loved ones.

Take care of yourself, please. Feel free to send a PM to me if you ever need any encouragement.


Hi kapteeni,

Fireskull took the words out of my mouth.

I, no "we" do wish you and your loved ones all the best.

Hang tough!

Jambo Smile

Hi all!
I feel better now. No fever an pneumonia has gone. I' m still goughing though.
Good thing is that i quit smoking. Been smoking about 20 years. 1 pack of Camels/ day.
Amazingly my lungs are still working.
I visited my Doctor today and she told that everything looks fine in x-ray.
She also told that it will take a long time to recover since pneumonia is such a hard disease.
Time to take easy then...
Gives time to fly some missions and test new planes.

And thank you guys for your words.

Hi all!

Finally, here is latest and hopefully the final version of Karelia map from Team International Brigade:
Karelia 1.1
Download here:
It has been tested with DBW 1.7.
Extract and copy/paste "maps" folder to ........#DBW/Mapmods/
And that's it.
New version has improved height map, more houses new beautifull historically corrected airfields by Jarmo Happonen.
It sure looks good!

Hallo Kapteeni,

just installed and tested, wonderful good work!

Thank you very much!

Wbr, Gerhard Big Grin

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