Propeller Library to replace defaults one

Hi Ton, thanks !!!

Oh no.... That's strange with all updates until today this number can't be increased, 3000 is very very very low poly for today's standard...

Anyway, check what I sent. I don't remember if it's 3DS of .obj format.

Thanks Ton !


They was the last props you sent me, in .obj format.

[Image: 2d1jnso.jpg]

They have exceptional quality, but unfortunately can not be used in IL-2.

[Image: 2agsuuc.jpg]


No, I meant what I JUST sent...

A lighter version of the B-17 F&D prop, let me know if it works.

Maybe harder to map as it's triangles now and not quads.

The new prop will not work: 4774 polys.

[Image: 2h7dlds.jpg]

Maybe I could use the F4U prop, this works. only I have to adapt it to the B-17, and a new mapped.

[Image: z64x5.jpg]

mm... There is really a problem.

Or something I don't understand in Blender... Blender told me I had 2559 vertices ( not polys ... )

Anyway, I'll start again new blades in low poly, like this F4U prop.

No, please don't waste time adapting this prop to the B-17, it's unrealistic.

Early B-17 got thin blade near roots and getting larger as blade lenght increase then decrease again, like early DC-3. Late versions like F and G got the " paddle " blades.

So I'll create new blades for the B-17, will try to do this this week.

Sorry for that, I should have modeled with less polys since the beginning it would be simpler.

Thanks Ton !


Hi there !

After a very busy year ( incoming months will be even more ahah ! ), I'm back to my beloved first sim that Pacific Fighter ( yeah, IL2 ... ) is

I would like to continue my little work to support this very old sim, for that it never gets old ! Jeronimo and Ton414 made excellent works with their cowling and prop mods, so I will try to continue to model more and more propellers model for them and for you the community.

I had hard times understanding IL2 core engine hates ploys, even with nowadays hardware... so all my first props were obsolete because too much ploys... I had to restart from scratch.

Here is my new effort, the Hamilton Standard Hydromatic propeller, 23E50 hub with 6477 blades, a 11,7 ft diam. 3 bladed propeller, one of the most beautifully shaped IMHO. It is designed to be mounted on the Wright R-1820 of the B-17, R-1830 of the B-24 and Pratt & Whitney R-1830 of C-47/DC-3

[Image: seIf2Zp.jpg]

Next ones will be : B-29, P-47, F4U-7 Four blades, B-17D&E, Civilian DC-3, A-20 and B-25

If you have specific prop you would like I model, just let me know, I'm specialized in all kind of prop, from simplest two bladed wooden one up to the most complex modern engineering Hartzells !

[Image: 9rLTsBw.png]

[Image: IWutOe9.jpg]

[Image: H2iPXOJ.jpg]

[Image: 0Ijs5KU.jpg]

Off-topic but I also started a plane I'm in love with for a while, for another sim :

[Image: 7_zps3164709f.jpg~original]

If only I had more free time ...


Hi Hueyman
I'm glad to see you back, great props and wonderful plane you are making. Big Grin
As I said you the new prop works fine on IL-2, you can see it here, it only has to be mapped correctly.
Now Jeronimo is on vacation, when he is back he will include it in his mod pack.

[Image: oksj9d.jpg]

[Image: 68botj.jpg]

hi my name is Jose Licona hey ton 414 do you think you can send me the new modwl prop for f4u 1 c ,a ect, thanks man.

Hi Jose , hola José. Smile
I sent all my work about propellers to Jeronimo, for him to continue with it.
Please, you try to contact him: viewtopic.php?t=33583

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